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This happens when you spray fabric softener on your walls. The effect is astounding!
Saves your fingernails and nerves

Instead of letting her die in a plastic box, these parents took their baby and did THIS. So moving, I'm out of tears.
Beautiful memories


Do these movements every night before bed and observe the miracle that follows! (page 2)


Some people call this the butterfly pose: lying on your back, prop up your knees, place  the soles of your feet together and gently let your knees fall away to the sides.

Most of us can't lie flat in this pose. Our knees will be at least a few inches away from the ground. So to relax, put a stack of books or a rolled up blanket or pillow under each knee. Let your arms splay out at your sides, totally relaxed as well. Breathe all the way in to your lower belly.  

3.  Back roll

Lying on your back, take hold of  your knees (or if you can reach, all the way around your shins as pictured here). Rock gently from side to side. It's a great way to stretch and massage your lower back after a long day. Let your legs and feet completely relax. At the same time, let your shoulders melt toward the ground  â€” be sure not to  tense them  while holding your knees. And of course, breathe deeply.

4. Supta Matsyendrasana – Reclining Spinal Twist  

Lying on your back, prop up your knees and then let them fall over to the right side. You can stabilize your legs by holding the left thigh with your right hand.  But at the same time, stretch your left arm out to the left and gently roll your head to the left.

Here too, you want both shoulders to relax into the ground as much as possible. And yes, breathe! Then repeat the pose on the other side.

5. Matsyasana –  Fish Pose  


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